Gardening Info

  • Nature News Fall 2014 from the City of Victoria. Have a look for Garden Tips and courses offered by the City.
  • Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre - Information about composting and organic gardening in Victoria
  • LifeCycles - a local organization raising awareness around food and urban sustainability. Want to share your backyard or looking to garden? And much more.
  • UBC Botanical Garden Forums - a great place to post questions or find answers to your gardening questions.
  • The Organic Gardener's Pantry - South Jubilee resident, Christina Nikolic, operates The Organic Gardener's Pantry site. She sells organic soil amendments and leaf fertilizers. Her site provides valuable observations and information about growing organically. Check out her newsletters.

Jubilee Urban Farmers group

The Jubilee Urban Farmers group has gone on indefinite hiatus due to lack of a coordinator.

If you are interested in taking on the job of arranging occasional neighbourhood garden visits, please email Liz


Our neighbourhood has a number of residents who are concerned about the future of food production. Much of our food comes from distant places and relies on cheap shipping to maintain the affordable prices and availability. Is this sustainable? To augment our local food supply, we can look to our yards and boulevards to produce at least some of our own food.

If you live in or near the South Jubilee area and are interested in joining a group of people interested in urban farming or vegetable gardening, please email us for information about our next meeting.

sugar snap peas

A tower of sugar snap peas along our driveway - about 10ft high and highly productive. They loved the cool weather. August 2011

Flax plants

Flax growing in Barb's front yard for a linen project. August 2011


a survey of 3 gardens

Many of the houses in our neighbourhood were built around 1912. Our lots are small, many measuring only 40ft X 100ft. When I first started to garden I would eagerly buy gardening magazines promising secrets to small lot gardening. HA! Most of those featured "small" gardens were sprawling estates compared to my tiny backyard.

Over the years I have had the privilege of visiting my neighbours and seeing what they do with their compact spaces. This year I thought it would be interesting to look at 3 gardens within a block of one another and see how their gardens grow.

I'm planning to make three visits to each garden over the growing season. Here is what I saw in April 2011 and later in early August.